History & Heritage

Cambridge –
Wednesday 5th September 2018

Index of Abstracts
article posted  9th March 2018
In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the History
& Heritage seminar, identified by Presenting Author and paper title.

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Laura Atkinson
The discovery and redisplay of medieval stained glass at Westminster

Colin Brain
A Quest for Better and Cheaper Flint Glass

Jonathan Cooke
Grand Designs: Cliffe Castle’s staircase window

Jianyong Guo
Contemporary inside painting glass sculptures

Doris Möncke
Archaeometric evidence for glass melting in Sweden in the mid 13th century

Susan Newell
Glass as applications of geology: selecting glass for London’s new Museum of Practical Geology, c. 1840-1860

John Parker
The Turner-Wood partnership

Juliet Spedding
Indian Glass in Ancient Nubia

Dian Shi
An investigation into the application of metal oxides in studio glass to form a new model of contemporary glass calligraphy

Marcia Vilarigues
Magic lantern hand-painted slides and the 19th century artists’ colourmen Winsor & Newton

David Martlew
Victorian Flat Glass Furnace – a world first?