Aiden Peakman
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Aiden works at the National Nuclear Laboratory as part of the reactor physics and fuel performance team. Aiden’s expertise focuses on novel reactor systems, having performed a range of research, including a Rolls-Royce sponsored PhD, in the core design of micro-reactor and SMRs; in addition to improving the understanding of how advanced fuels behave in these reactor systems. His current research involves the flexible power operation of reactor systems and alternative (non-electric) applications for reactors.

His expertise in conventional reactors includes supporting the operation of the UK reactor fleet, fuel design for European reactor systems and high performance computing applications in Light Water Reactors.

Aiden is the UK representative and Chair of the OECD-NEA expert group on Advanced Reactor Systems and Future Energy Market Needs. He is also NNL’s representative to a number of UK and international organisations on advanced reactor systems.

Aiden frequently collaborates with researchers in academia and industry in the UK and internationally, including supervising a number of students at UK universities.


Small Modular Reactors
Aiden Peakman
National Nuclear Laboratory, 5th Floor Chadwick House, Warrington Road, Warrington WA3 6AE, UK

A wide variety of reactor systems are under development, with some systems targeting industrial heat applications and others targeting wider off-grid applications. A review of some of the systems will be provided in the context of heat demands in the glass industry. The high temperatures required by the glass industry complicates direct use of low-carbon heat from even advanced reactor systems. However, there are a number indirect options that will be highlighted. The uncertainties surrounding economics and siting will also be discussed.