Barnaby Wharton
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Barnaby Wharton is Head of Policy at RenewableUK, where he leads a team working on the transition to a smart system, market reform and industrial strategy and supply chains, among other things. Prior to joining the team at RenewableUK he was part of the energy and climate change team at the CBI, where he led work on energy costs, supply side policy and international climate change, and attended the Paris COP in 2015. He has extensive experience working on energy, regulatory and Parliamentary issues.


Wind power
Barnaby Wharton

The energy system is going through profound change, with the need to decarbonise over the 2020s, and digitisation playing a fundamental role in changing the way homes and businesses interact with the energy markets. Barnaby will set out the challenges that the energy system is facing, some solutions, and what wind and renewable generation will play, and what this will mean energy intensive users like glass manufacturers. Barnaby will provide an overview of the journey the wind industry has been on, from the small machines designed by home engineers in the 1970s to the 300m turbines planned for UK waters in the next decade.