Chris Sorsby
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Chris Sorsby is Commercial Manager for Glass Technology Services (GTS) Ltd – which carries out glass research and analysis as well as providing accredited testing for glass products across glazing, domestic ware and packaging (food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical).

Chris spent the early part of his career hands-on in container glass manufacturing and filling – getting to know all stages of the process first hand. His various roles at GTS Ltd have seen him work alongside some of Europe’s most highly regarded glass chemists, technologists and product performance experts.

Since 2015 Chris has been general manager of VitriTech, a spin-off company created with partners at the University of Leeds to manufactures phosphate and other specialist glasses for precision photonics and controlled release technology markets.

This year Chris also became a Director of Virtual Reality Machine Training – which is developing an Oculus Rift virtual reality simulator of a bottle forming machine. This promises to revolutionise training. It will let trainee operators safely get a much deeper understanding of the process, and practice troubleshooting manufacturing issues, without impact on real production.


Virtual Reality
Chris Sorsby
Glass Technology Services(GTS) Ltd., 9 Churchill Way, Chapeltown, Sheffield S35 2PY, UK

I will be discussing the VR system we have developed.