John Comer
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John Comer joined Volvo Trucks in December 1989 as Product Marketing Manager, and has worked on many product and legislative issues including product management and launch of the original FH12 and FH16 way back in 1993.

Prior to joining Volvo john worked as a Fleet Engineering R and D engineer at Bass Brewers, working on truck and trailer specifications, from 1984 being involved in the changes from the then 32tonne to 38tonne outfits, and in 1986 being heavily involved with Volvo on the design FL6 urban artic following the demise of Bedford.

John has a degree from Hatfield Polytechnic (University of Hertfordshire)  in Mechanical Engineering with vehicle design


Truck design PESTLE factors
John Comer
Volvo Trucks, Volve Group UK Limited

The haulage and logistics industry is under a lot of political and social pressure with regards to delivering societies needs for both goods and waste, this presentation highlights current changes to the sector, from the need to improve air quality and reduce carbon, looking at short term changes to achieve this, the increased demands on safety including improvements in direct vision in the form of Transport for London proposed direct vision standards and the demand for an ultra-low emission zone effective from 2020. With an insight to how future trucks are being developed to meet these demands and a proposed legislative timeline.