Cambridge –
Monday – Wednesday 3rd-5th September 2018

Index of Abstracts
article posted  12th March 2018
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KEYNOTE Speakers

Richard Hulme and Robert Ireson
Glass and the Future – Industry 4.1; work/life/environment in perfect balance

Stuart Hakes
The future of the glass industry in tomorrow’s world requiring dramatic reduction in CO2 emmissions


Michael Brownhill
The only future for glass industry will be “all-electric”

John Comer
Truck design PESTLE factors

Reinhard Conradt
Impact of the choice of raw materials on energy consumption and production efficiency

Robert Ireson
Enviroglass – Developing new raw materials to reduce the environmental impact of glass making

Aleksandra Klassen
Solar power

John Lillington
Nuclear cogeneration and the EC GEMINI+ project

Giorgio Minestrini
Facing the challenge: NOx containment & energy saving for a more sustainable glass industry

Aiden Peakman
Small modular reactors

Chris Sorsby
Virtual reality

Barnaby Wharton
Wind power